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Resident Evil Stillness Icon Community

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re_stillness is a Resident Evil stillness icon challenge community. There will be a new challenge issued each week. The stillness concept is credited to quebelly who created the first stillness community, buffy_stillness.

General Rules
* All icons must abide by the LJ standards - they must be in jpg, gif or png format and can be no bigger than 40k and 100x100.
* You must be a member of the community before you can enter a challenge or vote.
* Do not take any of the icons featured throughout the community without permission.
* If you do not abide by these rules, you will be banned.

* Submitted icons cannot use any kind of animation.
* Voting will be on an anonymous basis, so please do not post your icons elsewhere until the challenge has ended.
* Individual challenges may have slightly different rules, so be sure to read the whole post before submitting any icons.
* Icons should be entered as comments to the challenge post, and must give both the IMG SRC and URL information. An example of this follows:


* All votes are screened and visible only to the moderators.
* Vote for your three favourite icons, in order of preference.
* Do not vote for your own icons, or ask other people to vote for them.


01. Remake | 02. Outbreak | 03. Claire Redfield | 04. Albert Wesker
05. Luis Sera | 06. Billy Coen | 07. Rebecca Chambers | 08. William Birkin
09. Ada Wong Lyrical | 10. Couples | 11. Resident Evil 4 | 12. Resident Evil 5
13. Zombies Lyrical | 14. Chris Redfield | 15. Sherry Birkin | 16. Resident Evil: The Movie
17. Resident Evil 3 | 18. Book Covers

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